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Past featured pictures

Feature 1: Ciara

Feature 2: Tiffany

Feature 3: Campeche

Feature 4: Chichen Itza

Feature 5: San Francisco

Feature 6: San Francisco

Feature 7: Tab

Feature 8: Harrison

Feature 9: The Cubist

Feature 10: The Cubist

Feature 11: Eastern Market

Feature 12: The Contact Sheet

Feature 13: Royal Oak

Feature 14: La Quinceanera

Feature 15: The three ages of Man

Feature 16: New Center

Feature 17: London

Feature 18: Fourth street fair

Feature 19: Cinco de Mayo 2003

Feature 20: Jim Stella

Feature 21: Jim Stella - redux

Feature 22: Davidde

Feature 23: Chauvon

Feature 24: Marisa

Feature 25: Daydreaming

Feature 26: Introspective, no really

Feature 27: Chris in a rare quiet moment

Feature 28: Katie

Feature 29: Gualdo Tadino Mule Race Timekeepers

Feature 30: Citadel, Assisi

Feature 31: Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome

Feature 32: Larry, the Meta-Narrator — and Chris

Feature 33: The interior design

Feature 34: Cement-field soccer

Feature 35: Last Mass at St. Scholastica

Feature 36: Cards at Kovac's Bar

Feature 37: For dvDetroit

Feature 38: On the Photovoice project - 1

Feature 39: On the Photovoice project -2

Feature 40: Bretton Drive - the final day

Feature 41: Un giorno qualunque in via Hendrie

Feature 42: La planete des singes

Feature 43: On the road to Chiang Mai

Feature 44: Jer Staes

Feature 45: Eastern Market (3/2004)

Feature 46: K. T. (5/2004)

Feature 47: Someone else's kids at the airport

Feature 48: My sister, born after disco.

Feature 49: Randall catching a nap during a rare pause in the conversation

Feature 50: A good excuse not to come to work

Feature 51: Eve Randall of the Foxmoor Four

Feature 52: On a cold day you can see General Motors

Feature 53: Gardener's House, Chiang Mai

Feature 54: Heidelberg Street, Detroit

Feature 55: The Cubist at Home

Feature 56: On the Boat to Chalcedon

Feature 57: The snows of Pamukkale?!

Feature 58: Feeding all the little rats of the air

Feature 59: And you thought you had too much stress.

Feature 60: The Cricketeers

Feature 61: Not London Bridge

Feature 62: Mark et Kate

Feature 63: You only get one brother

Feature 64: Devon Bodoh

Feature 65: It will be a cold day in Amsterdam...

Feature 66: The once (and hopefully not future) New Orleans

Feature 67: The lighting test

Feature 68: Another lighting test

Feature 69: Ciara, even younger

Feature 70: Uncrating the past

Feature 71: On the job stress, part 2

Feature 72: Three from the Vera Jane skirt show

Feature 73: Aya Sofia

Feature 74: Man vs. Nature, Boy vs. Penguin

Feature 75: Punk horse

Feature 76: Herero Gothic

Feature 77: Mark Trafeli, writing a song

Feature 78: The Stowaways

Feature 79: Ciara, quiet time

Feature 80: Chelsea, Michigan

Feature 81: Gone fishing

Feature 82: Bread and Circuses

Feature 83: Ponteggi in allestimento

Feature 84: Heliopolis (built to last)

Feature 85: La noia della ricchezza (Hyde Park)

Feature 86: Scott Fountain, Belle Isle

Feature 87: LMP2, American LeMans Series

Feature 88: The Stelline

Feature 89: The slava of Sveta Petka

Feature 90: Putting the rain in rainforest

Feature 91: The birthday gift

Feature 92: Salvador, Bahia

Feature 93: Cathedral, Rio

Feature 94: Parc Lafayette with the sun in your eyes

Feature 95: The Knaves reunion concert

Feature 96: Casa Milà, Barcelona

Feature 97: Nothing quite mixes like sex and violence

Feature 98: Experiment with a Noblex

Feature 99: Altar boys helping burn the badnjak

Feature 100: My sister is a vampire

Feature 101: Urban renewal, 1959 style

Feature 102: End of the line

Feature 103: Ecce aedificium

Feature 104: Scott Fountain, a little on the dry side

Feature 105: Fly Me to the Moon

Feature 106: In a cab.  From LaGuardia

Feature 107: Dante Francesco Stella

Feature 108: Baby plus Rolleinar equals Alien

Feature 109: Concluding adventures with a Rollei 2.8F

Feature 110: Trespassing in a faceless suburban development

Feature 111: See you next year

Feature 112: Now we are one (year old)

Feature 113: Things we did on grass (and cement)

Feature 114: Toronto protests

Feature 115: It's late, I'm tired, and I'm angry

Feature 116: Curtains for an auditorium

Feature 117: The piñata assassin

Feature 118: Merry, merry, merry!

Feature 119: Joe Posch for Hour Detroit magazine (January 2012)

Feature 120: Cuzco

Feature 121: Salt farming, Sacred Valley

Feature 122: Rain, Machu Picchu

Feature 123: Altiplano, Peru

Feature 124: Altiplano, Peru

Feature 125: Aprés le Marche du Nain Rouge

Feature 126: Showing off in Bergama

Feature 127: Adventures in Hypercolor

Feature 128: Dénouement

Feature 129: Concrete Mansions, Palmer Park

Feature 130: Isamu Noguchi vs. Philip Johnson

Feature 131: If Rankin had shot the party

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