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What you have look like cat not cat?

— Shannon's landlord on seeing her roommate's pet ferret

A Message From Your Manufacturer

1. "Olympus Company, leading camera manufacturer of the nation, has alone turned out more than 2 million Pen cameras already. Moreover, it would not be too much to say that its depicting power which easily allows enlargement to quarter size and its inexpensive film cost have fascinated all camera fans. And the advent of the half size was quite timely. The day is approaching, yes, close at hand when 18x24mm will become the standard size for negative film."

— Olympus Pen F promotional literature, 1964

We should all be relieved that the Olympus Pen cameras can make sharp 4.5x6mm prints! This prediction would have come true had APS film caught on.

2. "The Hexar Silver is an eloquent epitome for beautiful and vivid reproduction."

— Konica U.S.A. Web Site

Somebody at Konica clearly had that Altavista translator out!

3. "The genuine Leica Feeling had wanted to arise with the past digital cameras developed in co-operation with Fujifilm probably not so quite. That might change with the Digilux 1, which sprays again genuine Leica charm, probably soon. Presupposed the results hold, what promises the technology."

— Translated Leica Press Release

I have some Kleenex here. Better take some Actifed.

4. "This camera has been inspected and is permitted to be useful."

— From a packing slip that came with a Zorki SLR bought at the Soviet pavilion at Expo67

Would that be a first for a Zorki? (thanks to Rose Scollard)