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A cool trick with the iPod video

This is a quick note on the 5th generation (video) iPod.  Apple has come up with a new camera connector ($34) that attaches to the bottom of the iPod.  The other end of the connector is a USB socket.  You plug your digital camera's USB cord into this socket.

The Camera Connector activates software in the iPod which then allows you to import all of the pictures on the camera and if you want, to erase the camera's memory card.  You can then look at your JPEGs on the screen (and later retrieve your raw and JPEG files from the iPod by looking at it in disk mode).

But one undocumented cool thing is that because the Camera Connector supports any camera that can be run in "mass storage" mode, it can also be used to hook up a USB compact flash (or other memory card) reader directly to the iPod (I used a Sandisk Imagemate CF-SM reader). 

So if even your camera is not listed as compatible or does not work in mass-storage mode (read: any camera using Firewire), you can still get the benefit of the Camera Connector and the iPod's storage capabilities.  You just run the card through the reader instead of the camera.

Note: you cannot do this trick with Microdrives because they draw too much power from the iPod.  They will try to spin up, but all you get from the iPod is a "No card inserted" message.